Commission Artwork

mother and child paintingKimberly Dawn has been accepting commission work for over twenty years. She has created hundreds of custom paintings for clients, friends, and family. This work is so very important because the final product is made physical. Let's face it, most of our most precious memories are stored in our google photos or on the Facebook and Instagram servers. All these memories just stack up in some dark digital warehouse somewhere out in cyberspace. Only occasionally do we cull through these files and re-experience these beautiful, life-changing starburst moments from our past. 

Once, people were in a mad rush to digitize all of their memories for safekeeping. What we didn't realize was that turning physical photos into digital files and storing them away on a hard drive is very similar to locking something away in a safe. 

sisters paintingWhat if you selected one of your favorite memories, maybe a wedding, or the first day of kindergarten and had it converted into a beautiful painting. Then, what if you hung this beautiful painting somewhere in your house in a spot you would see it every day? How would your life change? You would experience joy every time you looked at the painting. You would revisit the beauty of that day every time you shared the memory with a house guest who was curious about the painting. Maybe your kids would ask you about the painting and learn something new about you?

woman and her two dogs paintingMaybe instead of capturing a memory, you have a concept piece in mind. Maybe you want a painting of a Bill Murray Santa Clause or a Sloth drinking a martini. Something just perfect for that spot over the bar or in the guest bedroom. Or, maybe you have the perfect something in mind to give to a special person. What if you really could delight someone with the perfect gift? What if they experienced happiness every time the looked at your gift hanging on their bedroom wall? Anything you can dream up can be a reality! Let's talk about your special painting. 

To discuss your special idea, just message Kimberly on Facebook or email her at