Melancholy - Kimberly_Dawn_Crowder


  • $155.00

Melancholy, a feeling we can all relate to. It is not happiness or sadness. Nor is it in-between the two. It is an indescribable yearning for something we cannot define. It is pensive and incomprehensible like an almost undetectable aching in our hearts. Although melancholy is listless, it still blasts out through our eyes screaming to the world that we are deeply unsatisfied. 

This painting belongs to a greater collection of "painted women." Kimberly Dawn has been capturing the deepest of human emotions through this collection for over five years. These women represent her deep inner-self but always translate universally. They are the artist soul. 

This painting is 1'x1', acrylic and paint skins on masonite, and box-framed.